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Fiumara & Milligan Law, PC  is 100% focused on the injured Plaintiff. The firm only handles cases for injured PLAINTIFF motorists, drivers, pedestrians, consumers and their children, spouses, and family members.

We Don’t Work For The Insurance Industry–

We Work For YOU!

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Michael A. Fiumara and Justin O. Milligan


Santa Rosa Injury Attorney Michael A. Fiumara and Fiumara & Milligan Law, PC have a well-established, highly skilled, professional and experienced team of dedicated attorneys and professional staff that will work hard on your behalf because you come first!

Prompt and professional handling of your case is paramount.  The law firm is adept at handling all areas of personal injury law cases and our team puts your best interest first to achieve the maximum possible compensation in your personal injury accident case.

Immediately following an accident we will be there to guide you through the overwhelming challenges and obstacles that you may be facing.  We fully understand all those challenges, barriers, and obstacles and are there to help you every step of the way.  Our early involvement can help you repair, replace or deal with destroyed or damaged property through the claims departments that we are familiar with and immediately get the very best medical attention you need for the injuries that you sustained.

We look at helping you immediately replace lost wages whether that is through temporary disability or unemployment insurance, whatever will work to get you through the most difficult times in your life.  Many of these challenges can have a very significant impact on the injured plaintiff’s life, both in the short-term and long-term, but we are there to lighten the load!

A Santa Rosa Injury Attorney In Your Corner

We take pride as personal injury lawyers to get your life back on track on both a financial level and in terms of a full and speedy recovery.  Our skilled expert’s advice and our legal knowledge together with our skilled dedication will help to determine the level of compensation that you are truly entitled to receive.

Our team of attorneys and experts will make sure that the insurance carrier takes into consideration all of your property damage, current and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and all future earnings and anything else that will fully compensate you in the future.  We don’t leave any stone unturned!


The firm’s clients in the North Bay have spoken—Year after year the Fiumara law firm is rated very highly by its clients and those who the firm has served.  These are real life clients and their experience should dictate what we can do for you.

We pride ourselves on always “going the extra mile for OUR clients.”

This law firm since its founding in 1992 has never just taken a settlement because it is the easy road to take.  “WE FIGHT FOR YOU,”  to achieve the kind of results for our clients that they deserve.

  • Fiumara law attorney Michael A. Fiumara was named Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers in 2015

This was as a result of securing over a $10,000,000 verdict in a tragic car accident in front of a local school where a mother lost her life.  In addition, in 2015, the $5.2 million settlement against CALTRANS  was SELECTED by JURY VERDICT SEARCH as the best premises liability case in the State of California. Click Here To See Verdict details.

  • We pride ourselves on giving every client the time and attention that is necessary to get the compensation for their injuries that they deserve and are entitled to receive. 

Unlike some law firms where you have a case worker, paralegal or a consultant in charge of your file, we pride ourselves on regular and continuous contact between the attorneys and the client throughout their case.  You will always know what is going on with your case!

We help our clients with their medical, vehicle repair or replacement, insurance related issues, rental car and other bills starting from the very first day.

  • Our experienced experts are the best in their fields.

Every case is unique and every case requires different experts.  The Fiumara law firm immediately begins to identify and retain the right experts for you at the onset.

  • We always provide free consultations. 

These can be done whenever and wherever is most convenient for you and your family.  We have visited clients in their homes, their offices, in the field for agricultural workers, hospitals, and in our two conveniently located NORTH BAY offices.  We go wherever YOU are and are flexible for whatever works for you.

  • We only win when you win!

No matter how complex, challenging or convoluted your case, clients pay nothing until a recovery is achieved.  Fiumara Law never charges a fee or bills for costs until and unless you achieve a settlement, verdict or recovery.

Please call our office at (707) 571-8600 in our centrally located Santa Rose office in Sonoma County or call our office in San Rafael in Marin County at (415) 492-4507 to schedule a free and confidential case evaluation. 

Should you call after hours, our 24/7 operators will immediately connect you to one of our very experienced and highly skilled attorneys.  “The right attorney makes all the difference.”