Fire Damage Insurance Claim

If you live in Sonoma County or Napa County or anywhere in the North Bay and have suffered fire damage to your home as a result of the October, 2017 California fires, you will want to make a fire damage insurance claim on your homeowners’ insurance policy.

At Fiumara & Milligan Law, we handle insurance matters and insurance bad faith litigation and can help you with insurance claim disputes.

There are a number of things you must consider before and when making a fire damage insurance claim.

Before You Suffer a Loss

-Make a video of your home, inside and out

-Videotape all the rooms in your home, and include things of great value to you, monetarily or personally

-Take pictures of these items

-Make an inventory of your possessions if you can

After You Suffer Fire or Water Damage to Your Home

You will also have to consider whether you should sign a contract with a public adjuster or whether to handle your fire insurance claim with your insurance company yourself.

Consider the following:

-How can you get your personal property claim paid fairly as well as any claims for damage or loss to the structure of your home?

-How do you know if your insurance company is cheating you, underpaying or outright wrongfully denying your claim?

-Should you sign a contract with a contractor right away?

-What coverages do you have on your home?

-What notice must you give?

-What is a proof of loss?

-What is Actual Cash Value (“ACV”) versus Replacement Cost Value (“RCV”)?

-Do you have extended coverage?

-Do you have mold coverage and does it matter in a fire claim?

-What does it mean to mitigate your damages?

-What are your duties under the policy?

-Will your insurance pay for temporary housing?

-Will you be covered should theft or vandalism occur following the fire?

-Will your vehicle be covered if damaged or destroyed by the fire?

These are important and often difficult questions that usually come up during the claims process after a fire loss to a home. Understandable, most homeowners do not understand the complexities of insurance and the legal and technical aspects of a fire insurance claim.

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