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The Best in Sonoma County!

Mr. Fiumara and his Law Firm has produced a great result for my son. He was facing a very difficult situation, and He and his associate, Justin, worked hard and saved my son from receiving harsh consequences. We as a family, are forever greatful to this law firm and will refer them to ANYONE who could use thier EXPERTISE. This law firm is truly a Godsend for us, and will be for anyone that hires them. I cant imagine getting the unbelievable results that my son received with any other firm. Plus, the amount of care and compassion that this firm exudes is incomparable. They can not be matched. Thank you so much Michael and Justin!! – D. Lal

Posted by David

Excellent Educational law services

My son was greatly wronged by his school administration. After much research I found Michael Fiumara. He immediately made me feel understood and justified in wanting to clear my sons record. I knew immediately that I had found the right lawyer. He was caring, knowledgeable, prompt, professional and generous with his time. He won our case long before I was expecting and really changed my sons outlook on life and future! I highly recommend his services!

Michael Angelo Fiumara’s response:“This is true. The CA Education Code is not always so clear and easy to understand for parents. However, with a lot of push and SHOVE it could be made to work for the pupils’ benefit and not for just the Administrators convenience. I find that advocating for young people who have their entire futures at stake gives me the greatest job satisfaction as a practicing attorney. Rachel, I was so pleased to make a difference in your son’s life. Now he needs to focus and apply his skills and intelligence toward getting into a great University. I wish him well in the future and you are a great parent. Thank you.”

Posted by Rachel

Educational Law Legal Services

Mr.Fiumara, his Law Firm and team are phenomenal!!! My son and I found ourselves in a discriminatory school-related matter and after speaking to a few Law Firms, the knowledge and genuine care Mr.Fiumara and his team showed was more than anyone could ask for. Mr.Fiumara and his team have been professional, diligent, prompt, compassion and results oriented. You are not just a client, you are part of their family and they care for your concerns with the same passion as you and because of their strong ethics, genuine care and dedication, you get results. I couldn’t be happier or trust any other law firm and HIGHLY recommend Mr.Fiumara and his team to anyone!!! Their professionalism, legal expertise and results-driven tactics will provide you with the support and results you’re looking for.

Posted by a client

Justin did a good job for me.

Justin Milligan (one of the lawyers at Fiumara’s firm) did a good job for me. I got a discount both times I required legal help. Justin was there on time for every court date. He got me a fair deal for my two DUI’s

Posted by Derek

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“Michael Fiumara is a tireless and effective advocate. If you are looking for ethical and compassionate representation you will not be disappointed. He is an asset to our local community, and the Legal Profession. With Michael’s Law Firm you will get the 100% effort that everyone deserves”

Michael Allen, Former California State Assemblyman